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VLN5P series



VLN5P Features


l Wide operating voltage range: 2.0V to 5.5V. (Same as MaskROM

l Maximum 24 flexible I/Os maximum with
optional function: input, output, large current output, IO,
floating-type reset, pull-high reset, IR carrier output and large current IR
carrier output. For the output port, users can select the normal Drive current
output or large Sink current output to directly drive high brightness LED.
l Support Open-Drain (OD) bi-direction IO.
l Infrared output: optional IR carrier frequency and optional data
high/low IR output supported.
l Maximum of 4 channels can play simultaneously; each channel can be
arbitrarily assigned as speech, tone or midi channel based on the product spec.

l New high fidelity ADPCM speech synthesis algorithm.
l 3 kinds of 256 points, ADSR and Full-Wave instrument waveform provide
outstanding midi quality for MIDI.
l 256 steps envelope control for tone and MIDI.
l High quality 9-bit PWM to directly drive speaker, or 10-bit D/A
converter audio output to amplify the volume by external audio amplifier for
multi-channel MIDI especially.
l Support large PWM current output.
l 16 steps volume control for audio output.
l Quick-IO control supported.
l Programmable code protection is provided. (When the Security-Bit is
burnt down, data can’t be read.)




The VLN5P series IC is a powerful 4-bit micro-controller based sound processor. They are embedded EPROM architecture, and the OTP (One Time Programmable) ICs that are designed to support VLN5P products. There are 4 channels that are configured as speech, tone or midi, and all of them can be auto-played back simultaneously. By using the high fidelity ADPCM speech synthesis algorithm, it can produce outstanding quality voices. Wide range sampling rate up to 44.1kHz and different volume level are supported. It is also equipped two kinds of audio outputs with fine resolution, including a current D/A converter and a PWM direct-drive. Through +/-1% accurate internal oscillation, external Rosc is mostly unnecessary. Also an OSC pad is reserved for external oscillation, and this pad can be optioned as normal I/O when setting internal oscillation only. Furthermore, in addition to the HALT mode (sleep mode), it offers the SLOW mode to minimize power dissipation

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